Here are the several teleport mazes that gain you access to various regions of MRA. (As of yet, do NOT post any mazes that take you to places that should be kept private, like XON mazes. Also, if you want the full game experience, don't use these mazes. It's much more fulfilling reaching the end of a maze you attempted yourself!)



IUN Swamp Walk

This is only until something better is made

Orc Lord Walk

When starting out, stay on the dark squares. If you get on the light blue squares, you get kicked out.
Then follow the small white squares to get through.

PER_W entrance
S, N, W, N, E, E, E, W

UCM_S ( Maze )
The N, S, E, W are room doors
The others are the tp’s in the room

W, NW, N, NE, W, NW, S, SE, N, NE, door to uct W, SW, W, NW, W, SW, E, NE, E, SE, W, SW

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