The Kobold Kastle


The Kobold Kastle (who said kobolds could spell?) is located right next to Haven, just past the Pub along the main road. It is a large edifice, three levels high, with kobolds and their pet jackals abounding on all three.

Kobolds and weak jackals hunt the forest outside the castle, so heroes wandering that area should beware. The kobolds inside are straightforward fighters, for the most part, with a handful of priests and healers guarding the stairways to the second level.

At the top of the fortress, the kobold king and queen rule over their minions. Alone among the creature lords, the king and queen kobold have a treasure room with all sorts of goodies to reward those who kill them.

Kokas / Kofor


Kokas+1 Second Floor


Kokas+2 Third Floor - Kings Room





Outside (Kobold Forest)

Mangy Jackal, L0, Demi-Human
Dazed Kobold, L0, Demi-Human
Wierd Kobold, L0, Demi-Human

Inside (Kobold Kastle)

First Floor

Kobold, L1, Demi-Human
Jackal, L1, Animal
Ugly Kobold, L2, Demi-Human
Crazed Jackal, L2, Animal
Mean Kobold, L3, Demi-Human
Mangy Jackal, L3, Animal
Nasty Jackal, L3, Animal
Kobold Priest, L3, Demi-Human
Kobold Mage, L3, Demi-Human

Second Floor

Big Kobold, L4, Demi-Human
Fierce Jackal, L4, Animal


Guard Jackal, L6, Animal
Kobold Guard, L6, Demi-Human

Third Floor

Guard Jackal, L6, Animal
Kobold Guard, L6, Demi-Human

Kings Room

Guard Jackal, L6, Animal
Kobold Guard, L6, Demi-Human
Kobold Mage, L8, Demi-Human
Queen Kobold, L8, Demi-Human
King Kobold, L8, Demi-Human


First Floor

Kobold Priest, L3, Demi-Human - Casting Priest Damn, L3
Kobold Mage, L3, Demi-Human - Casting Wizard Ehammer or Ebolt, L3

Second Floor


Third Floor - Kings Room

Kobold Mage, L8, Demi-Human - Casting Wizard Bolt, L6


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