The Breedery


One of the first dungeons adventurers in Alhanzar will encounter, the Breedery is a three-level cave complex located under Sanctuary. The first level is actually located just west of Haven, and can be entered via a secret entrance in the cliff face (just follow the path; it leads right to it). Those who follow the interior passage and slay the giant rats and weak skeleton reach a teleportal that takes them to the next level - a place where the first teleportal can be found, as well as a path to the surface.

The two other levels are populated with a variety of animals from rats and bats to lynxes and copperheads. The lord of the dungeon is the Krell Warden, who can be found in the far corner of the third level, guarded by a horde of creatures.

Breedery First Floor


Breedery Second Floor





First Floor

Huge Rat, L1 Animal
Giant Bat, L1, Animal
Copperhead, L2, Animal
Big Baby Bird, L2, Animal
Lynx, L2, Animal

Second Floor

Giant Beetle, L3, Animal
Bobcat, L3, Animal
Gila Monster, L3, Animal
Giant Tick, L3, Animal
Giant Groundhog, L4, Animal
Giant Spider, L4, Animal
Krell Warden, L5, Evil NPC


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