Task List

Concept and Use

Here is the list of each task that needs to be worked on. This page will be changing constantly, so if you want to keep up to date with changes and new tasks, this woulod be a good page to Watch, using the link in the bottom right of the page.

This is meant to be built by all of us, so if you have something you feel the wiki needs, post it under the Proposed Tasks section. Along with this, you can also post your thoughts on other Proposed Tasks.

Once you've found a task you'd like to complete, place your user name next to it, and move it to the Claimed Tasks section. If you have completed a task, mark it as such (perhaps with a strikeout), and an admin or mod will come along to review and move it to the Completed Tasks section.

If you feel a task is to large or vague to be handled by one person, use a nested list to break it into it's component tasks. If you don't think one of the tasks is correct or helpful, please post your input in the forums so we can make a better change.

Unclaimed Tasks

  • Update and finish the Spells page.
  • Update and finish the Prayers page.
  • Update our page on Shakir's Reports. In the very least this should have the info from the books in his room.
  • We need a logo!
    • Design site logos for member review.
    • Design favicons for member review. (The little picture by the URL)
    • Apply member reviewed logo. (Admin only.)
    • Apply member reviewed favicon. (Admin only.)
  • Guilds should be documented.
    • Create a Guilds section linked to the main navigation. (Near Advanced Gameplay, perhaps?)
    • Document the commands used for running a guild.
    • Document the positions available in a guild, and their function.
    • Create a page for each guild, with links from the main guild page.
  • Update the Getting Around page with high level runes/TP's.
  • Add a bit of a description to the Getting Around page, so it's more then just a list. (A good thing here would be how some effects/classes can allow passage at lower levels such as QPs, Assassins, and Hero level.)
  • Update the Weapons and Armor Discussion's Weapon Attack Values list for weapons with multiple attack modes. (Wield changes the attack type for Daggers and Stilettos.)
  • Add a page or section under the events page, listing the rewards you may receive from events, their cost (if any) and their effect.
  • Add stat +/- info about each race on the Race and Gender page.
  • Add a Game Plan section to the Advanced Gameplay sub menu. This should document the costs and benefits of each GP.
  • Remove the suggested classes from the Race and Gender page. This info is subjective and not informative.
  • Rewrite the intro text on the homepage, so we're no longer just copying MeNo's words verbatim.
  • Our info about pre-generated characters (The Optimized List) is very scattered.
    • Record the available pre-generated characters, and post them under The Optimized List section of our Character Creation page.
    • Remove the list of optimized characters from under each of the class pages.
  • Write a bit of a description about Druids, you can use any of the other class pages for examples.
  • Remove the spell lists from each of the class pages, and fit in a link pointing to their correct page. (Spells or Prayers)
  • Remove the Combat Commands section of the Commands page, and place it on the Combat page.
  • Create a walkthrough for Maranda by combining the existing Maranda page with your own new info. Once the walkthrough page is ready, let an admin know that the old Maranda page is safe to delete. (This may break a few links, fix them if you can.)
  • Create a new page with details on each of the Blesses and their effect. Might go under the Advanced Gameplay section. Link this into the Events page too.

Claimed Tasks

  • Research and list minimum NetA/NetD for each area. - Julian
  • Update NPC and Namer lists. - TreEssEc
  • Create a page detailing Attack and Defense, this page should cover NetA/D and how it and it's related values affect game-play. (This should probably be under the advanced sub menu.)

Proposed Tasks

Add a New Comment

Completed Tasks

  • Review this page for readability and understandability. - TreEssEc
  • Add RPP cost reduction and bonus to the events page. - TreEssEc
  • Add a few categories to the Glossary page, so it's a bit easier to read. (Locations, Gear, Guilds, etc.) - TreEssEc
  • Update the highest level of materials on the Materials page. - TreEssEc
  • Update the Event Schedule. - TreEssEc
  • For locations with a walkthrough, merge the existing info page into it. (I think breedery and KOKAS need this done.) Then fix any broken links that might occur. - TreEssEc
  • Write description text on each of the sub-menu items. (The links you get after selecting one of the main links on the left.) See Getting Started for an example. - TreEssEc
  • Change the Proposed Tasks section of the Task List into a discussion thread. - TreEssEc
  • Clean up the stats page. - TreEssEc
  • Create classes page linked to the Getting Started Section. (Class pages exist, but they are a bit lost.) - TreEssEc
  • Create and populate a Task List page. - TreEssEc
  • Clean up the potions page. - TreEssEc
  • Remove/fix dead links. - TreEssEc
  • Create and load images for the remaining races on the Race and Gender page. - Julian
  • Redesign navigation system - TreEssEc
  • Restore lost pages - TreEssEc
  • Load and format the remaining parts of the Game Manual. - TreEssEc
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