At the far north end of the Valley of the Krell, the path from the south peters out at a bridge across the river, which leads nowhere. At random intervals, however, a town appears in the clearing and lasts for one hour. It has a simple sign over the gate: "XON".

Only those who have an amulet from Harold, one of the Lords of the Krell, can enter this town. There are four different mazes inside, each of which grants an amulet needed to open a door in the cliff to the north. The town is otherwise friendly, inhabited by normal people. Anyone inside when the hour ends is teleported into the clearing on the other side of the bridge, unharmed, but if they die inside the town, they lose any held items (weapon/shield).

Dormun, the bartender at the pub, is a font of useful information. If you ask about local rumors, he gives some information the town itself, as well as the four mazes. He can only give information on one particular maze at any given time (each time the town appears, his knowledge changes). If you ask him about the right maze, he directs you to ask someone else about him. This leads to a chain of 4-5 other people; the last person grants the perseverant hero a key, which can be used to unlock the door at the end of the maze. Unfortunately, the key is usable only for that maze, and only for that one hour.

Gameplay Information

The town does appear at random intervals, but there is a way to determine when it will appear: the river north of the bridge has shallows along it on one or both sides (depending - see below). The number of light blue squares (shallow water) denotes the number of hours until the town appears again.

There are four mazes - Your Very Own Maze, the Maze of Martok, the Mirror Maze, and the Water Maze. Your Very Own Maze is different for every person (hence the name), but it will stay the same for that person every time he goes into XON; Martok's Maze is a simple TP maze like the OWN maze, but it will be the same maze for all players for the hour; the Mirror Maze is, of course, a maze of mirrors; and the Water Maze is a TP/water maze that requires 4 people, some of whom "must chug water in order to let the other advance," according to Dormun. No one to date has solved the Water Maze, and the others vary in difficulty.

It is not known if anyone has ever passed through the secret door to the north, so no information about that area is available.

As a final note, if you use TP RETURN anywhere in the town, you will end up in the center of town. If you stand in the center and TP RETURN, it will work properly.


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