Verbonic is a small, sleepy town located southwest of Haven on the road to Clysmort. It is little more than a wide spot in the road.

Points of Interest

Verbonic is notable mostly for the Hall of Heroes and Heroines (wherein one can find lists of the greatest heroes of the land), Marcel the Hero Quest guy (who gives out Hero Quests), and a shop where one can buy prot mind, nature, delusion, and illusion potions. Verbonic also has the one-way teleportal to Greenwood, located in a building across the street from the pub, and the entrances to two of the Goblin Caves and the Goblin Tunnel nearby.


Merchants: Jaz, Lisa, Pelli, Presto (potions)

NPCs of Note: Elsa (metamorphosis manager); Jenice (stat rune manager); Kendar (item rune manager); Marcel (hero quest master); Optik (bartender); Urba (shirt changer)

Wanderers: Almajan, Armon, Arvian, Clarise, Cousna, Deiter, Garo, Heather, HoFro, Jaman, Jofes, Megin, Morgan, Mornau, Serce, Soursan, Talbo, Ubok




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