Valadia is a kingdom of evil humans located due east of Baralza and due south of Jalzabad. Like the Krell, the Valadians are very well organized and live in a strict hierarchy. The area closest to Baralza, right across the river is normal classes; going east, one passes through the elites, the vets, and the guards before reaching the Valadia Palace itself. The Valadian spellcasters are located near the river, just south of the warriors. Due south of Baralza, across a bridge, is a series of caverns with thieves and assassins.

Gameplay Information

The rune to this area is set to (unknown level); the teleportals range from L54-64.


Base classes are L64-66; elites are 65-67; vets are 66-68; guards are 70-72. Namers are L67+.



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