Uswick is unique among the friendly cities in that it is laid out in a perfect circle, with paths radiating out from from the teleportal in the center of town like spokes. It is located north of Sanctuary, and can be reached by following a path from The Last Chance Pub, but first-time visitors must have the Krell Warden's badge (found in the Breedery) to pass the rune square guarding the path over the river.

Points of Interest

It is largely uninhabited, as close as it is to the Valley of the Krell, but it still boasts several useful shops, as well as the amulet imbedder (he can imbed or remove amulets from armor or clothing), the enchantment transferer (he can transfer magical enchantments from one weapon or piece of armor to another), and the hero potion trader (trades a hero potion 3 levels lower for any two hero potions of the same type).


Merchants: Bono, Liz (clothing and bracers); Fenwel (leather hauberks); Ignok (polearms); T'gon, Terle (potions)

NPCs of Note: Elcie (enchantment transfer); Jen, Larrel (bankers); Legas (amulet imbedder); Lela, Zeno (bartenders); Leopold (hero potion trader)


Uswick and Surrounding Area

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