Sanctuary is most likely the second town new heroes will find, after Haven. It is located northeast of Haven, separated by only a small, rocky hill and the town wall.

Points of Interest

Sanctuary is noted for its town market, where heroes can find most potions. Here, also, are the magic and holy stores, which sell items for wizard classes and cleric classes respectively, as well as the First Aid trainer and the item personalizer. Sanctuary has an entrance to the Breedery, a long path that runs just south of the market.


Merchants: Carpa (bind potions); Erella (heal potions); Halle (protbody potions); Kinta (cure poison potions); Lason (refresh potions); Nurolt (cure blindness potions); Orello (cure disease potions); Relemer (protenergy potions); Seela, Torper (protsoul potions)

NPCs of Note: Menaltz, Peopla (bankers); Mindy (bartender, Sanctuary Pub); Leroy (bartender, Last Chance Pub), Serentcha (item personalizer)

Trainers: Persepalis (First Aid)


Sanctuary and Last Chance Pub

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