The furthest east of the friendly towns in Alhanzar, Salazad can only be reached by taking a raft across the river from The Last Chance Pub, then following the path through (or around) Anthill Mountain. When the tide of evil swept over Alhanzar, Salazad's strong stone walls and highly-trained city guard held off the monsters until the PTB led the forces of Good back to the Mystic Realms.

Points of Interest

Salazad second only to Haven in the number of shops that cater to adventurers - almost any basic item that can't be found in Haven can be found here (see the Items section for more details), and many types of arms and armor can be found here, too.

Aside from the arena and pub, places of note include: the elemental potion sellers (where one can find potions of protection from the elements); Shakir, the royal historian (he gives information on attack and defense values, as well as combat advice); and the royal alchemist (who, for a price, can combine two potions, scrolls, or amulets of equal level and give back a potion, scroll, or amulet one level higher). Visitors to the city should be warned: the plaza around the main teleportal is itself a series of teleportals that send those stepping on certain spots to random locations around the city.


Merchants: Isma'il, Nasir (Chain Armor); Assad, Kamel (Plate Armor); Anbar, Anwar, Balban, Butrus, Dharr, Zabeebah (weapons); Khalid, Mariyah, Rusa, Todros (potions)

NPCs of Note: Fawz, Jabir, Qutuz, Shajar (bankers); Hakeem (sage); Hasan (bartender); Shakir (Historian); Zang (alchemist)

Other NPCs: Daifa (pub); Mu'in, S'ad, Saebe, Yahyah (palace servants)

Wanderers: Abraha, Durayd, Habib, Hakim, Hawwa, Jaida, Mansur, Munya, Naima, Ruzzik, Safia, Tarifa


Salazad and Surrounding Area

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