Ruins of East Minton

Minton was once a town located on the road southwest of Haven before the forces of darkness swept over the land. The town fell to a plague of undead, and the survivors fled south through the swamp and eventually founded Clysmort.

Today, the town is little more than ruins inhabited by skeletons and zombies. A sign near the east gate warns travellers on the road passing by to stay away; the zombies in the ruins are extremely aggressive, and will charge out across the runes warding the gate to attack people.

Gameplay Information

The runes at the gate are set for L12. There is only one TP here, a straight shot from the front gates into the area between skeletons and zombies, which is set to L10.


The creatures here are level 14, easily powerful enough to kill low-level heroes on their way to Clysmort for the first time.


Ruins of East Minton, Level 1

Ruins of East Minton, Level 2

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