Orc Fortress

The Orc Fortress is a huge dungeon accessible only through Goblin Cave 1. It is warded by a rune square, and the entry chamber holds a small army of orcs.

The first area of the fortress is normal orcs and wolves; a set of double doors leads to the second section of the fortress, where orcish regulars, regular leaders, and big wolves reside. A secret door in this area leads to the third section of the fortress, with orc veterans, veteran leaders, and vicious wolves, and another secret door south of the teleportal leads to a fourth section, divided into two halves by yet another secret door. A final secret door in the southwest dining room leads to the fifth area of the fortress, where guard orcs, deadly orcish assassins, and vicious guard wolves guard the Orc King.

Gameplay Information

The rune square at the main doors is set to L7, and the teleportals inside range from L7-L11.

In order to get into the lord's lair, you must have an amulet that can be acquired by killing an orc named Acx in a cave on the north side of the pond in Haven.


Monsters in the first area are L10-11; the second area, L12-13; the third and fourth, L14-15, and the final area, L16.


Orc Fortress, Level 1

Orc Fortress, Level 2 and Lord's Lair (Orcs 2 + 3)

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