Maranda is a nation of evil humans located south of Salazad, across the river. The only way to get there is via a randomly placed, invisible teleportal outside the west wall of Salazad (every time someone triggers the TP, it moves). First-time visitors are placed on an island just north of the central area and must swim across a narrow channel to the mainland. The land is divided into four main parts, as noted below.

The central and largest area of Maranda is where the savages hold sway, living in small camps hidden among the trees. A little further east, in Mar Bar, barbarians and archers cohabitate, and east of that, across a stream, is where the warriors live with their lords (Mar East). West of the savages' area, accessible by a path around a rocky ridge, is a large keep where the men-at-arms and knights stay, and where the Maranda lords are located (Mar West). South of that, along another path, several long, two-story buildings house spellcasters segregated by magic type, with archcasters on the upper floors (Mar MC). Guards patrol the grounds to keep out pesky heroes.

Gameplay Information

Maranda is warded by a rune square (L13); anyone getting teleported there cannot cross the channel unless you are high enough level to cross the TP, and could well drown if you try and are not (though you can use TP Recall to get back).

Mar East is run by five warrior lords - Basher, Cutter, Slasher, Slicer, and Wailer, each of whom carries a glowing emblem; in order to get past the rune into the Mar East lord (Baraxus') lair, one must have any three of these emblems.

Several more lords live in Mar West: Bast, Bo, Broad, Cross, Flai, Greek, Hal, Heavy, Long, Luc, Morn, and Small. Astute players will notice these names are derived from the weapons they carry. Like the Mar East lords, each carries a glowing emblem, which is required to gain access to the Maranda lords, Lord Maximux and Lady Eleen.


The savages are L15, the barbarians and archers L16, the men-at-arms L17, warriors L19, and the knights L20. All spellcasters (and the guards) are L18; arch-spellcasters (on the second floor) are L20.

The secondary warrior lords in the East (Basher, Slasher, et al) are L24; the ones in the west are L24-25. Baraxus is L26, and the high healers/priests/witches with him are L24. Eleen and Maximux are L29.



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