Graveyard of Krell Heroes

The Graveyard of Krell Heroes is located just south of the Valley of the Krell, accessible via a path in the southwest corner of the mercenary compound. Here the Krell dead are lain to rest (though they don't remain that way for long…).

It is divided into two parts, east and west; the west part is Krell zombies and green skeletons, while the east part is guard zombies and more powerful green skeletons - elites, knights, and heroes. The largest crypt in the far eastern part of the graveyard holds a trio of powerful greens - Henri, Michael, and Robert - along with a small army of lesser green skeletons. One of them carries a key, which grants access to the lord of the Inn of the Undead.

Gameplay Information

The graveyard is warded by rune squares (L7). There are five TPs at various points around the graveyard - one in each corner, and one in the middle, on the west side of the division between east and west. The teleportals are set to L8? (west) and L9 (the central one).


Krell zombies are L10, while the guard zombies and green skeletons are L11, and the higher-level greens range from L12-15.


Graveyard of Krell Heroes

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