Located just west of Persepolis, Jalzabad is a partially ruined city occupied by evil humans similar to the Maranda. Like Persepolis, it is divided into several sections, though heroes must go through one section to reach the next. Fundamentalists (monks) occupy the first section; Warriors the next, and Mercenaries the third.

A gate in the west wall of the warriors' area leads to another area, but this has not yet been developed by the Powers That Be. Another gate in the west wall of the mercenaries' compound leads to a small keep that houses the knights. Two passages, both warded by runes, lead from the knights' area to the north and south; the southern corridor leads to Valadia, while the northern goes to the Elite areas. The elites are laid out in the same order as the previous classes - monks, then warriors, mercenaries, and knights.

Beyond the elite knights lies the Jalzabad Palace (which is guarded by runes); the initial hallway is lined with the monk quarters, then a hallway with casters to the east and west and assassins to the south. Beyond the assassins is a set of stairs leading to the second floor, where fighter classes and more casters can be found - mages to the west, clerics to the east; up the center are rangers, warriors, mercs, and knights in that order.
Beyond the knights is a series of warded rooms; in order to pass the runes, you need emblems from all the classes in Jalzabad - there are 14 total.

Gameplay Information

There are rune squares guarding the one-way teleportals to Jalzabad, set to (L33), and another rune guards access to the Jal Elites (L36). The teleportals in Jalzabad are L34.

The teleportals in the Elites areas range from L36-L46; the rune guarding the palace itself is L46, and the three teleportals inside are are L48 (JAL_P1) and L50 (JAL_PAL2, PAL_P2).


Monks are L42-44; warriors are L44-46; mercs are L46-48; knights are L48-50. Namer levels vary by area, from L41-L49.

Elite monks are L50-52; warriors are 52-54; mercs are L54-56; knights are L54-56. Namers in these areas vary from L53-59.



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