Inn of the Undead

The Inn of the Undead is located inside Old Minton Ruins, but can only be accessed by walking through Clysmort Swamp (yes, another swamp walk). To find this one, heroes must locate Jimbo (Jethro's brother), who lives in a remote cabin to the NW of Clysmort. For the princely sum of 10 pp, he will take heroes along the path to the Inn.

Adventurers be warned: the doors to IUN open right into a gauntlet of spellcasters, fighters, and assassins. Those who are unprepared or simply not powerful enough could easily fall under the onslaught, their bodies tossed out into the swamp to feed the animals.

Those winning past the gauntlet arrive in a large common room - the lobby of the inn. A skeletal innkeeper, Zok, stands behind the bar. Zok is an energy wizard and hostile, but don't kill him right off - asking him about rumors elicits some humorous comments; asking him about a room will grant access to the inn proper (note: this is the only way to proceed further, so make sure you ask him about a room before killing him!).

Stairs beyond the door lead down to the lower floors of the inn, which hold undead of all classes, divided into their own areas. There is little else of note here - it's basically a big dungeon hack, and a good place to get gear.

Gameplay Information

IUN is guarded by runes (L18?). The teleportals inside are set to L22.


Undead in the gauntlet are L25; the levels increase by 2 for each floor (27, 29, etc.).


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