Haven is the first town all adventurers encounter, and a focal point for heroes in Alhanzar. The Haven Inn provides free rooms for all adventurers; the rooms also have desks and lockers for them to store items and equipment. The Pub is a popular place for heroes to gather and swap stories when they are not hunting, and a common place for higher-level heroes to give out vits, as it is accessible to everyone. It also boasts a common room for heroes to grab a quick nap and recharge health without having to go to their rooms.

Points of Interest

The Haven Market has all the necessities for beginning adventurers - armor, weapons, pouches, sacks and bags, etc. (For more information on these items, see the Items section). The bank is located right next to the market for easy access to those requiring funds. Also next to the market is the Crazed Rabbit Pound, where new adventurers can test their combat prowess against weak monsters. Other buildings north of the market sell items for those with a magical bent - brooms, scrolls, potion bottles, wands, and other paraphernalia. For those unfortunates who die in the course of adventuring, the priests at the Resurrection Church are always available to transport them back to the church and raise them.

Haven is also the home to all the class trainers, as well as Endurance, Stamina, and Karma trainers (these three are conveniently located in one building). For spellcasters, there is a small area to the east of town where heroes can practice spellcasting without endangering anyone else.


Class Trainers: Grath, Yilem (Assassin); Leara, Maevae (Druid); Innuia, Tisha (Healer); De'Sax, Amanda (Knight); Balin, Malinda (Mercenary); Bah, Denore (Monk); Marci (Mystic); Neved, Terrel (Priest); Alexus, Demora (Ranger); Deanne, Morzales (Sorcerer); Jaleana, Mingo (Thief); Elanore, Matuke (Warrior); Belzabel, Nana (Witch); Gaff, Nyrisa (Wizard)

Endurance Trainers: Jilter, Kopan, Lelan (Stamina), Pulren, Ute (Karma), Voltar (Mana)

Merchants: Beal (pirate weapons); Benitez (vests); Ella, Ephistus, Leeri, Leeta, Monops, Retlaw (holy store); Eltar (spears/flails); Garhy (helms); Hermoz (double-edged blades); Komarze (axes/hammers); Leita, Mersh, Nicki, Rish, Trelk (magic store); Mantoba (boots/gauntlets); Myrstock (knives); Nefra (ranged weapons/ammo); Obie (containers); Reck (armor addons); Tark (polearms/staves); Tesh (breastplates); Ulove (shields)

NPCs of Note: Berelsa, Elina, Horace (bankers); Harold (innkeeper); Zak (bartender)

Wanderers: Almajon, Armon, Arvian, Bernse, Clarice, Cousna, Darvic, Dieter, Dowen, Ethin, Eulon, Guido, Hans, Heather, Hofro, Jaman, Jofes, Jon, Kalbo, Kamal, Keeno, Kilbo, Lorna, Losla, Megin, Melex, Mirabell, Morgan, Mornau, Opie, Orin, Nargo, Quido, Pefre Risen, Rousla, Serce, Stou, Talbo, Terese, Termino, Torrec, Ubok, Usler, Yiggy, Zeb



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