Graveyard of Old Minton

The Graveyard of Old Minton is located due west of the Old Minton Ruins, accessible through a huge (locked) gate in the west wall that is warded by runes (see below).

The graveyard itself is a marshy, foggy place (sight is limited to about one-quarter normal) inhabited by monsters. Rows of mausoleums on the west end of the graveyard hold red skeletons, and for those who look hard enough, a hole in the ground leads down to tunnels below. These tunnels are inhabited by foul ghouls; near the end of the tunnels is another area of caves occupied by red warriors, then a second area of tunnels with evil ghouls, which leads back to a second graveyard situated at the base of the Black Tower, set up much the same as the first one. The crypts in this area hold red mercenaries (east) and red knights (west).

At the center of the graveyard, four stairways lead down to an underground crypt, wherein Balah, the lord of the ghouls, holds sway.

Gameplay Information

The runes at the gate are L30. In order to open the gate, you need an emblem from the Inn of the Undead. Take the emblem to Betty Sue in Clysmort, and she'll give you a key, which you can use to open the gates.

The teleportals are set to L31-33, depending on location.

In order to gain access to Balah's lair, one must have emblems from "all of his subjects" - the ghouls, the red skeletons, the foul ghouls, and the evil ghouls, as well as the red warriors, mercs, and knights.


Ghouls are L36, foul ghouls L38, and evil ghouls L40; red skeletons are L37, warriors L39, and mercs L41; red knights are L41 and L43.


Graveyard of Old Minton, Levels 1 and 3

Graveyard of Old Minton, Level 2

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