Goblin Caves

The Goblin Caves are a series of cave complexes in the cliffs along the road southwest of Haven. Only two of them are open at this time; the other two have been blocked by rockfalls, and it is unknown when they will be cleared (read: MeNo hasn't made those dungeons yet).

Both caves are inhabited by goblins, of course, along with their pet boars; the northernmost one (Gob Cave 1) has a secondary complex to the north, with guard and fierce goblins, and guard boars. Also running this section of caves are a trio of orcish brothers, Bor, Dor, and Gor. Heroes who fight through the secondary complex can reach the Orc Fortress.

The southernmost cave (Gob Cave 4) also has a secondary complex, but this one is inhabited by goblin assasssins. Only assassins should even think about venturing in there - the goblin assassins are deadly, and can strike from the shadows before their target even knows they are nearby.

Gameplay Information

Each cave has its own teleportal near the entrance, and the secondary caves also have TPs. None of them have level requirements.


The weakest goblins and boars in both caves are L5; the assassins are L7-9, though they can easily kill heroes twice their level, if the person is not careful (or lucky). The higher-level goblins and boars (GC1N) are L7-9, and the orc brothers are L10 (hint: if you can't beat them in an even fight, you shouldn't be going into the Orc Fortress).


Goblin Caves 1 and 4

Goblin Assassins

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