Dark Orc Caverns

The Dark Orc Caverns are located past the Orc Fortress - a red TP bypasses the orc lord's lair, placing anyone stepping on it in the hallway leading to the rune and TP for DOC (the hallway can also be accessed by those approaching the lord's lair).

The initial approach into the caverns is via a narrow ledge above the caverns themselves. Those who move too quickly (or are just clumsy or unlucky) can fall to the ground below, usually to be hacked apart by waiting dark orcs. Those who went their way along the ledges meet up with the dark orcs on level ground, though the darkness permeating the caves seems to absorb light - vision is more limited than normal here. To the south of the first area, more caves dug from the earth hold the dark wolves. Further east, you can find stronger dark orcs and wolves; east of that is the Fortress of the Dark Orcs, which is guarded by mean guards, and is where the most powerful orcs live with their pets.

Those who look hard enough can find doors tucked into the far corners of the fierce dark wolf kennels; these doors lead to a third level (DOC 5), which holds more fierce dark orcs/wolves and, more importantly, the passage to Aphelion. A winding path leads down the side of a huge cavern wall to the town below; about three-quarters of the way down, one can find the Palace of the Dark Orc Lord, but it is closed for the time being.

Gameplay Information

The rune and teleportal at the entrance, as well as the first TP, are L23; the second one is L25, and the third and fourth are L26.


Dark orcs/wolves are L31; the mean ones are L33, and the fierce ones L35. Dark guards/leaders range from L32-37, depending on the area.


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