One of the more remote towns, Clysmort was founded by survivors who fled from the town of Minton (now Old Minton) when it was overrun by undead. It can be found far to the southwest of Haven, along a long road and and even longer path along the river, bordered to the south and east by the Misty River and to the north by a nearly impenetrable swamp (more on this later).

Points of Interest

Clysmort is a small, friendly town of farmers with little to recommend it to adventurers. Of note, however, are the trading post, where you can swap items of equal craftsmanship and/or enchantment, as well as buy sense rings; a shop where you can buy barkskin, bless, enlightenment, and valor potions; and a shop where you can trade in Iun Stones to make permanent potions. Clysmort, like most of the other towns, has an arena where heroes can battle for gold and glory; a pub/theater, and a set of docks. Just to the west of the docks, one can find the teleportal to the Badlands.


Merchants: Henrietta (sense rings); Maria, Daisey, Ann, Larou (potions); Levi, Thelma, Ellie, Abner (trading post); Mazie, Sissie, Elmer (perm potions)

NPCs of Note: Arlen, Betty (bankers); Cheeks (bartender); Jethro, Jimbo (swamp guides1)

Other NPCs: Elvira (flower girl), Festus (woodworker), Junior (gardener)

Wanderers: BilliBob, Maylou, Jed

1 Jethro and Jimbo live in small cabins near the edge of the swamp, on the north end of town. For the right price, they can show heroes through the swamp to the Old Minton Ruins or the Inn of the Undead, respectively. There is only one path through to each of those locations; anyone straying from either path could fall victim to the swamp monsters, who drag hapless victims under the murky swamp waters and drown them.

2 Elvira, besides being a florist, is also a collector of glowing emblems. If you bring her a full collection (animal, beast, evil human, undead), she'll give you a key to a certain location (unsure on this point - can someone confirm and/or add info?).



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