Black Tower

Rising from the mists of the Graveyard of Old Minton, the monolithic Black Tower looms over the surrounding countryside. Inside, undead spellcasters work their magics in support of the cause of evil.

The ground floor of the tower is manned only by red skeletons - guards, leaders, and captains. A central hallway opens into each different section; the doors have different magical effects showing which spellcaster resides there. The central part of the tower leads down to The Mound.

The tower is eight floors high - there is the ground floor with, three levels of spellcasters, another level of skeletons (veteran guards, captains, and leaders), then another three levels of spellcasters, followed by yet another level of skeletons (royal guards).

Gameplay Information

The runes outside the tower are set to (unknown level). The teleportals inside start at L35 and increase by 2 levels per floor (BT_2 is L37, BT_3 is L39, etc.). The runes inside the tower don't do anything - they're just there for decoration.


Red guards, leaders, and captains are L43-45; spellcasters are L44, L46, and L48. Veteran guards, leaders, and captains are L50-52.


Black Tower, Level 1

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