Baralza is a tiny, nearly deserted hamlet located smack between Jalzabad and Valadia, accessible via a passage in the Jalzabad knights fortress. Local stories hold that when those two kingdoms fell to the evil advance, Baralza was too small to bother with. Still, most of the people have fled to safer places, leaving only a few brave souls to aid adventurers on their way through.

Points of Interest

Baralza has little to speak of besides a pub and a large arena, which used to be the site of many gladiatorial games; they are still held here, though less often now. The PTB often host brawls in the pub.


Wanderers: Arleana, Athur, Cory, Cristine, Korina, Leann, Lerra, Niles, Penelope, Wilbur

NPCs of Note: Pius (holy symbol trader); Virginia (NPC quest); Baraze (realm quest)

Gameplay Information

There is a rune restricting access to Baralza (L50); the two teleportals are L51 and L52.



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