Aphelion, located past the Dark Orc Caverns, is unique among the towns of Alhanzar for a couple reasons: first, it is the only one underground, located in a huge cavern; second, while the majority is controlled by the forces of evil (dark orcs, in this case), the Forces of Light have managed to take back part of it (the pub and the arena). Thus, adventurers can take a break from slaughtering orcs to tip back an ale at the tavern, or take part in the gladiatorial games in the neighboring arena.

Six huge black towers rise from the ground into the heights of the cavern. Each tower is occupied by a different orc class - warriors, knights, mercenaries, assassins, etc. Only the assassins' tower is open, however. Dark orc guards and chiefs patrol the streets and the walkway around the city, attacking any non-orcs they find.

Gameplay Information

A note from MeNo at the front gate states that the tower doors will be opened when the critters are put in. The palace of the Dark Orc Lord is closed for the time being, until said critters can be put in; according to the bartender at the pub, the lords at the top of each tower hold the keys to the palace (which is also, obviously, closed).


Aphelion has a variety of dark orcs, as noted above; dark guards and chiefs are L36 and 37 respectively.



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