Helpful NPC's
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Each NPC is listed here by area. The proper method for using each one of these commands is to click on the name box of the NPC in question then enter the chat option. All NPC's may be greeted with "Hi" or "Hello". This is normally a good way to get a feel for what the NPC does.




This building houses all of the player rooms, a door in the back left leads down several flights of stairs and leads to each players room. The doors on the right lead to the Pub.
Red TP: Quick teleport back to college.

  • Room - Assigns you a room in the inn, once this room is assigned it will be associated with your account forever.
  • Rumors - Gives a brief introduction into the game, and explains how to get more help if you need it.



This room is the main hangout in MRA. The pub is a common meeting place for hero's of every level. The door in the upper left leads to the common rooms, and the doors on the left lead to the Inn.

  • Sell Dinner - Purchase a plate of food for 2 Copper
  • Sell Beer - Purchase a beer for 1 Copper
  • Rumors - Gives you a bit of background on the area.
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