Caster Levels and Shadows

All locations are listed alphabetically for easier reference.

Black Tower

The fourth and eighth floors of the Black Tower are occupied by fighter-class skeletons. Caster levels for each floor are the same for all classes (hence the single entry). The additional types listed in each column lists which additional casters you'll find in each section. For example, Healers BT5 says "Witch" - this means that you'll run into Witches as well as Healers on that level.

Floor CL Healers Priests Witches
BT1 56-58 Ice Witch Light
BT2 59-61 Priest Healer Fire
BT3 61-64 Earth Energy Air
BT5 67-69 Witch Earth Priest
BT6 70-73 Energy Light Earth
BT7 74-76 Light Ice Healer
Floor CL Energy Light Fire
BT1 56-58 Air Healer Priest
BT2 59-61 Earth Ice Energy
BT3 61-64 Healer Witch Ice
BT5 67-69 Fire Air Healer
BT6 70-73 Ice Priest Air
BT7 74-76 Priest Fire Witch
Floor CL Ice Earth Air
BT1 56-58 Earth Fire Energy
BT2 59-61 Light Air Witch
BT3 61-64 Fire Priest Light
BT5 67-69 Energy Light Ice
BT6 70-73 Witch Healer Fire
BT7 74-76 Air Energy Earth

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Main Area: Fire, Earth, Ice, Air; CL 109 max

Control Center: Energy, Light; CL 113 max

Dhaza 2

All types; CL 114-116

Dhaza 3

All types; CL 120 max

Casters area is CL 122; Archcasters are CL 125

  • Open Area: Priest/Healer
  • Monks: Illusion/Delusion
  • Warriors: Energy/Light
  • Knights: Fire/Ice
  • Mercs: Air/Earth
  • Rangers: Witch/Druid

VP 114 (What is this?)

Dhaza 4

Duration L 126, CL 123; casters area 128 max, but Archcasters are CL 130.

Area Class Caster
West Warriors Fire/Ice/Witch
East Monks Earth/Air/Druid
Area Class Caster
Rangers Priest/Light/Air
South Mercs Healer/Light/Delusion
North Knights Energy/Illusion/Priest
North Priest/Healer
South Witch/Druid
East Sorcerers
West Wizards/Mystics


Area Magic Type CL
JAL MONKS Fire/Priest 52-53
JAL FORT Ice/Healer 55-56
JAL MERCS Earth/Energy 59-60
JAL KNIGHTS Air/Light 62-63
Jal Elite Monks Fire/Mind 66-67
Jal EW Ice/Priest 66-68
Jal EM Earth/Healer 72-73
Jal EK Light/Energy 75-76

Jal Palace

Area Magic Type CL
1st floor (Monks) Light/Priest 75-78
1st floor (Assassins) Air/Fire 75-78
2nd floor (Rangers) Witch/Healer 79-81
2nd floor (Warriors) Air/Earth 79-81
3rd floor (Mercs) Illusion/Energy 82-84
3rd floor (Knights) Nature/Delusion 82-84

Kobold Kastle

There are only three spellcasters in KOKAS - two on the first floor (an Energy Wizard and a Priest, CL3), and a an Energy Wizard on the third floor, in the throne room (CL8).


All casters in Maranda are found in the Mar MC area.

Magic type: All types

Caster Levels: 22-25 for regular casters; 25-28 for archcasters.


Area Magic Type CL
PER W Energy 29-31
PER M/PER MK Energy/Light 32-33
PER K Soul 34-35
PER VWM Fire/Earth 37-38
PER VWM, PER SW Energy/Light 39-40
PER SW, PER VK1/2 Priest/Healer 42-43
PRG1 Air/Witch 46-49
PRG2 Healer/Energy 50-52
PRG3 Priest/Earth 52-54

Undead Village

All casters in the Undead Village are located in the center buildings, around the central courtyard, and in the lord's room.

Magic Type: All

Caster Levels: L4 (all)


Regulars (CL 84-87) Veterans (CL 86-88)
Area Caster Area Caster
Warriors Light Warriors Delusion
Monks Priest Monks Healer
Rangers Ice Rangers Witch
Knights Fire Knights Earth
Mercs Illusion Mercs Energy
Elites (CL 87-91) Guards (CL 88-92)
Warriors Druid Warriors Ice
Monks Air Monks Nature
Rangers Witch Rangers Delusion
Knights Energy Knights Earth
Mercs Illusion Mercs Air

Valadia Royal Guard (VRG)

Area Caster CL Area Caster CL
Royal guard warriors Fire 101-104 Royal guard monks Priest ??
Royal guard knights Ice 101-104 Royal guard mercs Healer ??
Storm warriors (north) Earth 104 Storm monks (north) Energy ??
Storm warriors (south) Air 104 Storm monks (south) Light ??
Storm knights Witch/Druid 104 max Storm mercs Delusion/Illusion ??
Death knights Priest/Healer/Delusion 104-110 Death mercs Witch/Earth/Air ??
Death warriors Energy/Light/Illusion 104 max Death monks Druid/Ice/Fire ??
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