Linux Users


I'm going to avoid any rants about Windows v. Linux v. Macs, and just do this: if you want the game to work in Linux, here's what you have to do:

  • Install the latest version of Wine.
  • Obvious, OGN/MRA is a Windows-built application
  • Download the latest OGN client (
  • Again, should be obvious

Now, you have to extract Ognall.exe through Wine, and it should work without a problem. Just make sure you put ogn somewhere easy to get to (say C:\OGN\). There is a reason for this! When you call wine, you can usually call any windows program from anywhere. The issue here is, the windows API apparently uses the location where you call wine from as the relative directory for OGN, so when OGN starts looking for files, it bombs! To fix this, you can very easily browse to your OGN directory and run Wine from there.

To add MRA to the Wine menu directory(Ubuntu/Debian):

  • Right click the menu button and chose edit menus
  • Navigate to the desired menu section and choose "New Item"
  • The "NAME" section is the display name and is your preference
  • The "COMMAND" section is where you enter in the path to execute
  • Now you cannot just run a launcher you might have created, you need to run wine in "unix mode" with the switch and supply environment
  • Example: [[code]]env WINEPREFIX="/home/plater/.wine" wine start /Unix "/home/plater/.wine/drive_c/ogn/ogn.exe"[[/code]]
  • WINEPREFIX should point to your .wine directory, and after /Unix should be the full unix path to the OGN executable

The /Unix option allows OGN to run without saying "You already have an instance running" message.

Noted Issues:

  • Alt+Tabbing or otherwise obscuring the window does not cause MRA to redraw itself (you have a black screen).
  • Clicking the title bar and just -slightly- wiggling the mouse will force a redraw
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