This is a list of common terms and abbreviations used among the players of MRA.



  • EPA: Elite Players Alliance
  • GOP: Guild of Power
  • IPG: Independent Player's Guild
  • OCP: Order of the Celestial Pantheon
  • ROD: Rivals of Darkness
  • SOA: Sacred Order of Alhanzar
  • TDO: The Dark Order
  • TEC: The Enlightened Cabal
  • POW: Players of the World
  • VOC: Veterans Of Combat


  • Ammie: Short for Amulet.
  • Archy/Archie: Short for Arch-caster (archwizard, archcleric, etc.).
  • Bspam/battle spam: The numerous lines of text generated during combat, which often push more desirable text off of the screen.
  • Critter: General term for a monster in the game.
  • Hero(ed): A term referring to the Hero Quest.
  • Item Rune: Rune square found in lords' lairs. One-time use rune that increases the craftsmanship of a piece of gear and personalizes it.
  • Morph: A term that refers to metamorphosis, or changing your class.
  • Reroll: See morph.
  • Namer: A creature with a unique name.
  • TP: Teleportal
  • TRP: Training points
  • Pop: When an amulet is destroyed by the wearer being hit by a spell whose level is too high for the amulet to block.
  • Vit(s): Spells or potions that increase effectiveness in combat.
  • Rune Square: Black squares with pulsing runes; they can serve many functions (most often to restrict access to certain areas).
  • Stat Rune: One-time use rune which has a chance to increase a random stat by +1.
  • Tour: Following a higher-level player through an area while grouped, allowing the lower-level player to gain free experience and/or gear.
  • Lord: Most powerful creature in a given area. Their lairs contain item or rune squares, and often require special items to enter.


  • FFA: Free-for-all special event at a monster summoning tournament where all players present enter the arena and fight together against the monsters.
  • GP: Short for game plan
  • LOR: Lords of the realm, equivalent to moderators and/or gamemasters. LORs have tags indicating which area of the world they are Lord of.
  • NPQ: New Player Quest, wherein a player may give items to new players for completing a custom quest.
  • PTB: Powers That Be (the people who created and/or run MRA)
  • RPP: Role Playing Points. They are gained from attending events and can be used to purchase items from LORs.
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