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  • the OMR walk map here is not as good as the one already posted.
  • the IUN map is the same as the one already posted
  • I personally think the Orc Lord maze map is better than the one already posted
  • I don't understand the ucm_s_10.jpg map, someone who does should review it and post it
  • Tekken.zip is is an HTML interactive world map, which is very awesome. Kerrick knows more about how to make the wiki do what we want, so he might be the one who has to get the interactive version working.
  • rqn.txt is a list of realm quest namers, casters_and_shadows.rtf already has information posted, NAMERS.doc already has information posted. Someone needs to go through these lists and post anything that's missing.
  • weapon base attack.xls is basically the first bit of information I posted (because it was super easy). It's here just because it's in the directory.
  • scb.zip is the SCB that MeNo uses to create maps and such. It has all the old maps Kerrick made as well, most of which are already posted.
  • MRA map.zip is exactly what it seems to be - a map of the whole world in SCalc (the Open Office version of Excel). There's a readme with the file that explains everything. - Kerrick
File nameFile typeSize
Casters_and_Shadows.rtfRich Text Format data53.27 kBInfo
iun.gifGIF image data12.4 kBInfo
Meeting.gifGIF image data41.56 kBInfo
MRA map.zipZip archive data126.36 kBInfo
NAMERS.docRich Text Format data5.6 kBInfo
omr.gifGIF image data10.37 kBInfo
Orc Lord maze.jpgJPEG image data94.37 kBInfo
rqn.txtASCII text1.13 kBInfo
scb.zipZip archive data133.53 kBInfo
Tekken.zipZip archive data1.1 MBInfo
ucm_s_10.jpgJPEG image data198.67 kBInfo
Uswick.bmpPC bitmap572.51 kBInfo
weapon base attack.xlsMicrosoft Office Document21.5 kBInfo
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