Basic Items


These are the coin values used throughout the game.

Copper.PNG Copper (CP) = 1 CP
Nickle.PNG Nickle (NP) = 100 CP
Silver.PNG Silver (SP) = 100 NP
Gold.PNG Gold (GP) = 100 SP
Platinum.PNG Platinum (PP) = 100 GP
Mithril.PNG Mithril (MP) = 100 PP
Titanium.PNG Titanium (TP) = 100 MP
Iridium.PNG Iridium (IP) = 100 TP
Black_Mithril.PNG Black Mithril (BP) = 100 IP
Lucidium.PNG Lucidium (LP) = 100 BP
Rhenium.PNG Rhenium (RP) = 100 LP
Zirconium.PNG Zirconium (ZP) = 100 RP
Hafnium.PNG Hafnium (HP) = 100 ZP
Osmium.PNG Osmium (OP) = 100 HP

Inventory Menu



Your belt allows a general place to put things you use often. Things allowed on your belt are weapons and gear (that are not too large to fit, such as body shields and stavess), potions, small items (e.g., critter emblems), and containers (as defined below):

Magical containers which can hold anything and have a large amount of space inside them. Drawback: The only way to get items out of it is to DUMP it, emptying it entirely

A backpack that can hold small/medium items (such as potions, emblems, etc.). Generally, if it would fit on your belt, it would fit in your pack, but your pack can hold much more than your belt. Drawback: to get items out of, you have to take it off and open it while it is on the ground/in your hands (much like a real backpack).

Only for small items, usually only for coins/gems. Can also hold sling stones. Note: the LOOT command will put any coins/gems beneath you into the first pouch on your belt. Accessible at any time.

Can contain up to thirty stacks of arrows.

Bolt Case
Can contain up to thirty stacks of ten crossbow bolts each.

Scroll Case
May contain up to ten stacks of ten scrolls each.



To wear a piece of armor, you must first have a slot available on your body (as described below) and you must be trained in the appropriate skill (see Armor for more details).

Body Slot Valid Items
Head One helm/hat
Neck One cloak/amulet
Shoulders One shoulder armor/tunic/amulet
Chest One set of main armor and one shirt OR
Two shirts OR
Two sets of chest armor (e.g. breastplate/hauberk combination)
Waist One kilt/armored skirt/belt
Legs One set of leggings/pants/leg greaves
Feet One pair of boots/shoes



The hands section of your inventory represents what you are wearing on them, not carrying. You can have one pair of gloves, gauntlets, or wristbands on at a time, and independent of this you may also have a set of bracers and up to thirteen rings.

Items and Gear

Below is a list of possible items and gear you can find in the game, along with a list of Armor and weapon enchantments and their descriptions, a list of materials and craftsmanship, and a list of items that have no use other than being sold.

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