Shakir (found in the Salazad Palace) can give some amazing information on a character's ability to survive in combat. For every level a skill is trained, it adds an amount to either attack or defend.

Shakir, attack

All Armor = +1 attack/+1 defend
Precision Attacking = +.5 attack

Longsword = +1 atk/+.16 def
Scimitar = +1 atk/+.5 def
Dagger = +1 atk/+.16 def

Shakir, defend

All Armor = +1 attack/+1 defend
Kite Shield = +.75 defend
CI = +.5 defend/+2 Fatigue

Druid Staff = ~.79 def
Druid Dodge = ~.21 def

Wizard Staff = ~.23 def
Wizard Dodge = ~.77 def

Sorcerer Staff = ~.79 def
Sorcerer Dodge = ~.21 def

Witch Staff = ~.89 def
Witch Dodge = ~.11 def

Plate Armor Knight Dodge = ~.01 def

AGL Warrior Dodge = ~.48 def

Assassin Dodge = ~.84 def

Shakir, fatigue

CI = +.5 defend/+2 Fatigue

Fatigue factors are determined by a large number of variables. The most obvious is the gear you are currently wearing: heavier gear means higher fatigue. Combat intensity (CI) is the more common reason, as for every level of CI you have activated you have 2 fatigue factors added. The other information Shakir gives you on fatigue is your Fatigue Recovery Rate (FRR). This is entirely determined by your maximum stamina, found by dividing your stamina by 8 (rounding down) and adding 1. For example, if you start with 16 constitution (CON) you begin with 112 stamina. 112/8 = 14 + 1 = 15. So you would start with 15 as your FRR.

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