Wizards are the masters of Light and Energy - each Wizard is dedicated to one of these two disciplines. In general, Light Wizards have better defensive abilities and Energy Wizards have better attack spells, but in both cases Wizards can readily learn spells of the other discipline, though they cannot expect to be as good as a Wizard dedicated to that discipline. Wizard attack spells are powerful in that they can be used to attack all enemy critters in sight. Wizards also get special defensive spells including Energy Shield and Darkness.

In any case, a Cognition of 18 and an Agility of 17 are required to become a Wizard. Other than these two stats, and with the exception of Empathy, the remaining stats are approximately of equal value to the Wizard.

Before going into combat, Wizards should always cast their protection spell and EShield or Darkness on themselves, as this gives them an advantage defensively. Once in combat, casting Darkness into the squares the critters are in sometimes confuses them, and Blind may be used to incapacitate them. However, the main way Wizards kill critters is with EBolt or Laser, cast in general (no target indicated) or against a specific critter. EHamm offers an alternate attack spell useful when fighting with others.

When first starting, Wizards should concentrate on their armor skill, their staff skill, their Dodge skill, and the spells EShield, Darkness, EBolt and LBeam. The combat skills, as well as EShield and Darkness, really only increase the Wizard's defensive abilities, while EBolt and LBeam are the main attack abilities.

Wizard Armor Skills: Unarmored

Wizard Weapon Skills: Dagger, Staff

Wizard Combat Skills: Dodge, Combat Intensity, Precision Attacking

Wizard Other Skills: EBolt, Energy, Laser, Light, Wizardry

Wizard Spells: Blind, Darkness, EBolt, EHamm, ESHield, Laser, Light, MShield, ProtEnergy, ProtLight

Optimized Mage List

  • Elven Energy Wizard
  • Elven (f) Energy Wizard
  • Elven Light Wizard
  • Elven (f) Light Wizard

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