Witches might be best described as the cleric class that is most similar to mages. They cannot wear as heavy armor as Priests or Healers, but have better defensive spells, and can Daze, Stun, etc., enemy creatures before they ever attack, and can then kill them with their Assault prayer. Similar to mages and their staves, Witches can imbue their prayers in their brooms, giving them a significant advantage in that regard. In general, female characters make better Witches but there are male Warlocks out there as well that are quite capable. Witches are also handy with weapons, though not as much as priests.

Witches must have at least 18 Empathy and 17 Charisma.

Witch Armor Skills: Leather Vest, Breastplate, Chainmail

Witch Weapon Skills: Mace, Hammer, Flail, Rapier, Scimitar, Staff

Witch Combat Skills: Combat Intensity, Dodge, Round Shield, Precision Attacking

Witch Other Skills: Assault, Jinx, Mind Attack, Witchery

Witch Prayers: Assault, Courage, Cowardice, Daze, Doze, Elegance, Jinx, ProtMind, Stun, Trance

Optimized Witch List

  • Villager Witch (f) with Flail
  • Villager Warlock with Spiked Mace
  • Wood Elf Witch (f) with Rapier
  • Halfling Witch (f) with Scimitar

Witch Spells:

Mind Attack Skill: will get these noted soon…

Assult Skill:
ASSULT - Attacks mana. When cast untargetted attacks all enemies at -3;
PROTMIND - Protection from Witch attacks.

Jinx Skill
ELEGANCE - Raises a character's save level temporarily. Very useful when lacking spell protection.
COURAGE - Raises a character's defense by temporarily raising their Combat intensity.
JINX - Makes a critter more susseptible to spells by lowering its save level.
COWARDICE - Lowers a critter's attack and defense by lowering its CI and PA.

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