Warriors are fighting class characters who are most interested in having maximum attack ability in hand-to-hand combat. This means using a weapon that has significant attack capabilities and disdaining the use of heavy armor (e.g. hauberk and plate armor) because that would inhibit their ability to use their weapon.

Because Warrior weapons all require significant Agility, and also because the Dodge skill is of great importance due to the reduced armor protection, Agility is of absolute importance to all Warriors. Depending on the Warrior's weapon choice, Strength may be as important or even more so than Agility. Willpower is also a very important stat because it reduces the fatigue cost when using Combat Intensity, which in time becomes very important to Warriors. Constitution is important to Warriors as well, as it is to all fighter classes, as it affects how much damage you can take and how long you can fight before becoming fatigued.

Warriors have a wide variety of weapon skills to choose from, and may specialize in a weapon skill of their choice when starting and gain another specialization at level 10.

When first starting, Warriors should concentrate on developing their armor, weapon and shield (if they use a shield) skills, their Dodge skill, and their Stamina. As you increase your Stamina, you will be able to add armor, and this usually means adding 'add-ons' (helm, wristbands, boots, epaulettes, kilt, etc) as opposed to going to a heavier armor skill.

Long term, Warriors tend to avoid wearing armor that covers their arms (such as hauberks and plate armor) because it adversely affects their ability to use their weapon; they usually stick to Leather Vest, Breastplate or at most Chainmail, and instead put their efforts into Combat Intensity.

Warrior Armor Skills: Unarmored, Leather Vest, Breastplate, Chainmail

Warrior Weapon Skills: Axe, Flail, Greatsword, Hammer, Longsword, Mace, Pike, Rapier, Scimitar, Spear, Sword

Warrior Combat Skills: Round Shield, Dodge, Combat Intensity, Precision Attacking

Optimized Warrior List

  • Barbarian Warrior with Greatsword
  • Barbarian Warrior (f) with Claymore
  • Barbarian Warrior with Battle Axe
  • Outcast Warrior with Epee
  • Outcast Warrior (f) with Rapier
  • Outcast Warrior with Scimitar
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