Thieves use stealth and stealing as the means of progressing in the game. As Luck affects both of these actions, it is the most important stat for Thieves. Agility is almost as important and affects many Thief actions as well as having its normal effect on combat. Depending on what you might want to do, Strength, Constitution and Willpower will be important if you want to stand up and fight in combat, while if you do not make this a priority, you can probably go for a high stat in another area allowing you to learn spells or prayers, have a very high Charisma, or whatever.

When first starting, Thieves should place the most emphasis on their armor skill (stealing is considered a combat action and is thus affected by your ability to act in your armor), their Hide skill, and their Steal skill. Beyond this, your weapon, Dodge and shield skill will help you survive in combat if you get caught, and the other thieving skills will come into play as time moves along.

Long term, Thieves should concentrate on their own skills more than anything else, but can learn the skills of other classes (including Assassins) if they have prepared for this when initially creating their character.

Thief Armor Skills: Unarmored, Leather Vest

Thief Weapon Skills: Dagger, Lonsword, Rapier, Scimitar, Sword

Thief Combat Skills: Round Shield, Dodge, Combat Intensity, Precision Attacking

Thief Other Skills: Hide, Steal

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