Sorcerers are the masters of the elements; each Sorcerer can dedicate to one of the four disciplines of Fire, Ice, Earth or Air. Sorcerers can cast attack spells against a single target and, unlike all other classes, can cast them over an area. The spells are not quite as powerful if cast over an area, but are nonetheless quite effective, as Sorcerer spells in general do the most damage of any spell or prayer. Sorcerers also get powerful defensive spells that allow them to keep themselves from being harmed while inhibiting other creatures from attacking them.

In any case, a Cognition of 18 and a Willpower of 17 are required to become a Sorcerer. Agility is also an important stat to Sorcerers, as it affects their ability to Dodge as well as blocking with staff. The other stats, with the exception of Empathy, are approximately of equal value.

When first starting, Sorcerers should concentrate on their armor skill, their Staff skill, their Dodge skill, and the spells in their discipline of choice. In each of these disciplines there is a 'protection' spell and a 'duration' spell (Fire, Cold, Fumes, or PCloud), which are used together defensively, by casting the protection spell on oneself and the duration spell in the square you want to move into, and then moving into that square. Creatures attacking into that square will, generally speaking, be adversely affected by the element and will suffer a penalty to attack into that square.

Once in combat, Sorcerers should use their area (storm) spells if there are a lot of critters attacking or their one-square spells if there is just one critter attacking.

Sorcerer Armor Skills: Unarmored

Sorcerer Weapon Skills: Dagger, Staff

Sorcerer Combat Skills: Dodge, Combat Intensity, Precision Attacking

Sorcerer Other Skills: Acid, Air, Blast, Fire, Fireball, Ice, Iceball

Sorcerer Spells: Acid, Acidstorm, Airstorm, Blast, Cold, Fire, Fireball, Firestorm, Fumes, PCloud, ProtAir, ProtEarth, ProtFire, ProtIce

Optimized Sorcerer List

  • Urbanite Fire Sorcerer
  • Urbanite Ice Sorcerer
  • Urbanite (f) Air Sorcerer
  • Urbanite Earth Sorcerer
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