Rangers are fighting class characters who have significant ranged combat skills while still retaining the ability to fight toe-to-toe in melee combat and also have some stealth abilities. As far as ranged combat skills are concerned, the bow immediately comes to mind, but this is not the only ranged combat skill. The Spear skill, in particular, offers the combination of fighting toe-to-toe, attacking just behind the line of battle, or throwing at the enemy over a distance. The axe cannot be used to attack enemies while just behind the line of battle, but is a bit superior to the spear while fighting toe-to-toe and can be thrown as well. The sword, longsword, rapier or scimitar skills are often used to supplement bow and sling (and sometimes spear) users for melee combat. Lastly, the sling may not do as much damage as other weapons, but in the hands of a skilled user, it has the tendency to stun the target.

In any case, Agility is the most important stat for Rangers, not only because it is necessary for their weapons, but also because Dodge is an extremely important skill due to the use of lighter armor. As much Strength as possible will always help, and a minimum amount may be needed depending on the Ranger's weapon choice. Constitution and Willpower are important for staying power in fighting, avoiding getting dazed, etc., in combat, and for the use of Combat Intensity. A high Luck is important as well, for hiding.

Like Warriors, Rangers get a weapon skill specialization when first starting, but it must be in a weapon skill with ranged or thrown (e.g., spear or hand axe) capability. Another specialization (in a different weapon skill) is gained at level 10.

When fighting in melee combat, Rangers have an advantage initially in being able to hide and use their bow (or thrown weapon) for a very effective first strike. However, if they are attacked after the initial strike and are using a bow they typically must belt or drop the bow and draw a melee weapon and shield to fight hand-to-hand.

When first starting, Rangers should concentrate on developing their armor, weapon and shield skills, their Dodge skill, their Hide skill, and their Stamina. If a bow skill is used, a melee combat weapon skill will also be necessary. If a Spear is used, then the Thrown skill is also desired. As Stamina is developed, you can add armor 'add-ons' (helm, wristbands, epaulettes, etc), thereby increasing your defensive abilities in combat.

Long term you want to be careful not to invest in too many skills, but concentrate on the ones you have, retrain to a heavier armor skill if you so desire, and add Combat Intensity.

Ranger Armor Skills: Unarmored, Leather Vest, Breastplate, Chainmail

Ranger Weapon Skills: Axe, Longbow, Longsword, Rapier, Scimitar, Shortbow, Sling, Spear, Sword

Ranger Combat Skills: Combat Intensity, Dodge, Precision Attacking, Round Shield

Other Ranger Skills: Hide

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