Priests are the cleric class that is best fighting in melee combat. They have a powerful prayer, Bless, that increases their abilities in melee combat as well as others that they recite it for. They also have other important prayers such as Raise, which allows them to raise characters from the dead, and Damn, which can be used to attack any creature. Another prayer, Turn, gives them special abilities against the Undead. In practice, about half of the Priests in the land use weapons to attack enemy creatures, while the other half use their prayers.

As with all cleric classes, an 18 Empathy is required to learn all their prayers. Also, a Strength of 17 is required to be able to dedicate as a Priest. Because Priests can wear all armor types and they usually do not have a high Agility, as high a Constitution as possible is desired.

Priest Armor Skills: Breastplate, Chainmail, Hauberk, Plate Armor

Priest Weapon Skills: Mace, Hammer, Flail

Priest Combat Skills: Dodge, Round Shield, Kite Shield

Priest Prayers: Bless, Curse, Damn, Mute, ProtEvil, ProtUndead, Remove, Turn

Optimized Priest List

  • Barbarian Priest with Hammer
  • Barbarian Priest with Morning Star
  • Barbarian Priestess (f) with Flail
  • Villager Priest with Spiked Mace

Priest Spells

Bless Skill:
BLESS - Increases target's attack and defense by temporarily raising the actual combat skills of the target.
PROTSOUL - Protects from all Priest attacks.
PROTSESS - Protection from Soul Essence attacks.

Curse Skill:
DAMN - Attacks mana.
TURN - Attempts to instantly kill any undead creatures. If the undead critter makes its saving throw, the spell will have no effect.
CURSE - Decreases target's attack and defense by temporarily lowering the actual combat skills of the target.

Raise Skill
RAISE - Raises a dead player character. The Raise must be cast one level higher than the fallen player. The character will be fully restored, but will not regain experience lost in the death. The alternative to being raised is for the dead character to pray RECALL, for which the character will lose MORE experience.
STAMINA - Recovers Stamina damage.
MANA - Recovers Mana damage.
KARMA - Recoveres Karma damage.

When Bless is cast, it simply will not work if it is not at least the level of the target. The effect on the target increases as the margin of the cast (that part above the target level) increases, but the increase in benefits begins to increase more slowly at higher levels.

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