Monks are characters that believe in excelling in the most fundamental aspects of combat. They wear no armor and only rarely use weapons, instead attacking and blocking attacks with their hands. Due to this fundamentalist nature, a high level of Willpower is desired and an 18 is required by the Monk trainer if you are to dedicate to this class. Also, Monks may dedicate to a discipline, either 'Karate' (which lowers the cost of the 'hand attacks' skill), 'Kung Fu' (which lowers the cost of the 'hand blocks' skill), 'Ju Jitso' (which lowers the cost of the 'kicks and throws' skill) or 'Katana' (not available yet).

For Monks, Willpower is also important because the cost in training points for the 'Fundamentalism' skill is doubled for each point that Willpower is below 18. Besides this stat, Agility is probably the most important stat, followed closely by Strength. Constitution is less important early on but more important long term.

Monks use 'Unarmored' as their armor (general combat) skill and have the Dodge, Precision Attacking and Combat Intensity skills also available to other classes. However, there are a number of skills that are available only to Monks, including 'Hand Attacks', 'Hand Blocks', Kicks and Throws', and 'Fundamentalism'. This last skill gives a +.5 per level to all attacks and to all defenses, but only if the character is not wearing any armor (including boots, helms and gauntlets) at the instant of attack. Also, because Monks do not normally wear armor, the use of Combat Intensity is extremely important, and they gain a +4 to their max Combat Intensity level over and above the current level of the Combat Intensity skill.

When first starting, it is generally important for Monks to keep all their skills up, while concentrating more on Hand Blocks, Hand Attacks, or Kicks and Throws depending on their discipline dedication. Increasing Stamina is also extremely important so they will be able to raise their Combat Intensity level. Long term, rings can increase the levels of each of their skills. Lastly, it should be noted here that there are no magical or enchanted 'hands' available in the game, but Monks are compensated for this with the 'Fundamentalism' skill, which gives them an overall rate of advancement in their combat ability that is faster than the other classes.

Monk Armor Skills: Unarmored

Monk Weapon Skills: Unarmed

Monk Combat Skills: Dodge, Combat Intensity, Precision Attacking

Optimized Monk List

  • Outcast Monk (m) with Karate
  • Urbanite Monk (m) with Kung Fu
  • Outcast Monk (f) with Kung Fu
  • Urbanite Monk (f) with Karate
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