Knights are fighting class characters with a significant disposition towards their defensive capabilities and staying power in hand-to-hand combat, while usually concentrating on a single weapon type for their attack capabilities. Defensive capabilities means chainmail or plate armor, but not hauberk, as the latter decreases one's effective Agility more and that would have too much of an adverse affect on the Knight's attack capabilities.

As to the choice between chainmail and plate armor, the former requires less Constitution and decreases one's effective Agility less, but offers less armor protection than the latter. In both cases, Constitution is necessary for staying power, and if plate armor is chosen, 17 is minimal and 18 is suggested.

Strength is a very important stat for Knights, as it affects shield block and most weapon choices. If a Knight has less than 18 Constitution, or if the Knight's choice for weapon is the halberd or lucern hammer, then Agility becomes just as important as Strength. If the Knight's choice for weapon is the rapier or epee, then Agility is more important. Otherwise, Agility is still an important stat, as is Willpower, which affects the chances of getting dazed, etc., in combat as well as how fatiguing Combat Intensity is. A Charisma of 16 is required to become a Knight.

Knights may dedicate to a weapon type of their choice when first starting, and get another dedication (which may be to the same weapon type) at level 10.

When first starting, Knights should concentrate on developing their Armor, Weapon and Shield (if they are using one) skills, their Dodge skill, and on increasing their Stamina. As you increase your Stamina you should start increasing your armor by adding armor 'add-ons' (helm, wristbands, kilt, epaulettes, boots, etc) to the extent you can without becoming too fatigued in combat.

Long term, you should consider retraining your Armor skill to Chainmail and - particularly if your Constitution is 18 - Plate Armor. Combat Intensity is another option that will improve your attack abilities as well as your defensive abilities.

Knight Armor Skills: Breastplate, Chainmail, Plate Armor

Knight Weapon Skills: Longsword, Rapier, Halberd

Knight Combat Skills: Round Shield, Kite Shield, Dodge, Combat Intensity, Precision Attacking

Optimized Knight List

  • Nobleman Knight with Broadsword
  • Lady Knight (f) with Longsword
  • Nobleman Knight with Halberd
  • Elven Knight with Longsword
  • Urbanite Knight with Bastard Sword
  • Barbarian Knight (f) with Bastard Sword
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