Healers are the clerical class specializing in the healing and related prayers, while also having the ability to use all types of armor. An Empathy of 18 is required to learn all Healer prayers, while a Constitution is 17 is required to dedicate as a Healer. High Constitution facilitates the wearing of heavy (e.g. hauberk or plate armor) armor, so the other stat that is of significance is Strength for inflicting damage on one's enemies in melee combat.

Heal, Refresh, Bind, Mend and Cure are all important prayers that are used to help others (including themselves when they suffer these maladies). However, for themselves, Refresh is particularly important. In combat, wearing heavy armor gets to be very fatiguing, but for Healers, all they need to do when they get fatigued is to recite Refresh, and thus they can wear heavier armor and still function normally. Healers can use weapons in combat just like Priests and many do, while others rely on their Harm and other attack prayers to attack enemy creatures.

Healing is the Healer's main spellcasting skill - without it, you can't cast spells. A Healer's spellcasting level is equal to the Healing skill, so it's important to keep this skill current. The Harm, Heal, and Mend skills all govern different prayers Healers can cast, so these also have a bearing on which prayers you want to be most effective. See Prayers for more details.

Healer Armor Skills: Breastplate, Chainmail, Hauberk, Plate Armor

Healer Weapon Skills: Mace, Hammer, Flail

Healer Combat Skills: Dodge, Round Shield, Kite Shield

Healer Other Skills: Harm, Heal, Healing, Mend

Healer Prayers: Bind, Cure Blindness, Cure Poison, Cure Disease, Harm, Heal, Mend, Raise Dead, Refresh

Optimized Healer List

  • Villager Healer with Spiked Mace
  • Villager Healer (f) with Mace
  • Barbarian Healer with Morning Star
  • Barbarian Healer (f) with FlailHealer Spells

(These skills need to be cleaned up, but they'll remain here until they can be confirmed, as they don't agree with the manual):

Heal Skill:
HEAL - Restores stamina damage. Can be used during combat.
REFRESH - Restores stamina fatigue. This makes Healers handy hunting partners.
PROTBODY - Protection from Healer Spells.
PROTBESS - Protection from body essence attacks.

Harm Skill:
HARM - Causes spontaneous damage to the target critter.
WOUND - Causes target to become wounded. This significantly lowers their Net D.
BLEED - Causes target to begin bleeding.
VALOR - Increases a character's attack by increasing their skill with weapons.

Mend Skill:
MEND - repairs target's wounds.
BIND - Stops bleeding.
CURE - Cures various diseases and poisons.

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