Assassins are the class that is most capable in combat but is also the most vulnerable. Assassins must hide, stalk, and then backstab or 'snuff' their enemies, and this usually means it takes Assassins longer to kill critters, with the vulnerability being the case where they are seen and must either flee or defend themselves. However, the advantage Assassins have, is they can in general kill higher level critters than other characters at their level, and this brings greater experience and treasure and makes up for the slower kill rate. Assassins are a most difficult class to play but, if played correctly, can be a most powerful class.

Assassins use stealth to a significant degree, but for gaining an advantage in combat as opposed to stealing. To this extent, Luck and Agility are the most important stats for Assassins, as the former affects your ability to hide while the latter affects not only this but your ability to attack and fight in hand-to-hand combat also. Strength is important for attacking and also for blocking with weapon and shield. Constitution and Willpower affect staying power in combat and the use of Combat Intensity and are thus important as well.

Before going into combat, Assassins should get a dagger or stiletto into their right hand and execute Wield. This puts the dagger in a 'blade down' position and allows assassins to Stab and Snuff. Also, Assassins should always Hide before going into combat. Once in combat, Assassins should Target their enemy first, which allows the Assassin to stalk, keeping the same combat values until they attack. Snuff allows you to remain hidden as long as you do some damage, while Stab is more effective but you must kill to remain hidden. If seen, most Assassins run and come back later.

When first starting, Assassins should concentrate on their armor, Dagger, Hide, Backstab, and Snuff skills, and add the remaining skills (melee weapon, shield, Dodge) as they can and to the extent they want to try to
stand up and fight if they get caught.

Long term, Assassins really need to continue to concentrate on these same skills, but may find a way to advance faster in the game in areas outside the control of the Powers That Be, in that the assassination of wayward adventurers may prove more profitable than the killing of evil creatures.

Assassin Armor Skills: Unarmored, Leather Vest

Assassin Weapon Skills: Dagger, Lonsword, Rapier, Scimitar, Sword

Assassin Combat Skills: Round Shield, Dodge, Combat Intensity, Precision Attacking

Assassin Other Skills: Backstab, Hide, Snuff

Optimized Assassin List

  • Outcast Assassin with Cutlass
  • Halfling Assassin with Greek Sword
  • Outcast Assassin (f) with Scimitar
  • Elven Assassin with Rapier
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