Race and Gender


The races listed are available as player characters in the game. While there are 6 races of humans listed, there is in truth no 'racial' difference per se, but economic status, living practices, etc., have left enough of a difference that they are considered unique for the purpose of the game.


Urbanite_M.png Urbanite_F.png
Humans living in the towns and cities of the land. Typically the sons and daughters of tradesman, soldiers, merchants, etc. Urbanites make the best Sorcerers and also make good soldiers and magic users otherwise.


Nobility_M.png Nobility_F.png
Humans descended from what were the ruling classes in the old days of Alhanzar. Although the days of ruling are long gone, the social graces and culture remain. Nobles make excellent Knights and Mercenaries.


M_Outcast.png F_Outcast.png
Humans that, for one reason or another, were 'cast out' from normal society in the days of past in the lands of Alhanzar. Outcasts make excellent Rangers and Assassins, as well as Thieves and Warriors.


Villager_M.png Villager_F.png
Humans living in the villages and countryside of the lands of Alhanzar. Villagers typically make excellent Healers and Witches as well as good clerics or fighters.


M_Barbarian.png F_Barbarian.png
Humans living in the (relatively) untamed fringes of Alhanzar. They typically make excellent Priests and fighters.


M_Outcast.png F_Outcast.png
Humans wandering from place to place in the lands or Alhanzar. They typically make excellent Mercenaries and Monks, and good Priests and Sorcerers.

High Elves

M_HElf.png F_HElf.png
Racially distinct from the humans, these are the Elves that are most generally known to be 'Elves'. They make excellent Wizards and very good Thieves, Assassins and Rangers.

Wood Elves

M_HElf.png F_HElf.png
More reclusive than High Elves, Wood Elves are more sturdy and of darker complexion.

Grey Elves

M_HElf.png F_HElf.png
(No information is available.)


M_Dwarf.png F_Dwarf.png
Smaller than all the other races except the Halflings, Dwarves cannot use some weapons because they are not tall enough, but get a +1 bonus to all defensive rolls because they are a small target. Dwarves make excellent Mercenaries.


M_Halfing.png F_Halfling.png
Slightly smaller than Dwarves, Halflings likewise cannot use certain weapons and get a +1 to all defensive rolls. They make excellent Thieves and Witches and good Assassins and Rangers.


The only difference in gender for the purposes of the game is that Female characters get a -1 in strength and a +1 in charisma. This means that Female characters are not all that good at wielding heavy weapons, but on the other hand make the best Witches as well as (generally speaking) being better able to interact effectively with the NPCs in the game.

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