Starting Characters for Experienced Players

Players that so desire may generate a character 'from scratch' by using the MR Character Generator available from the MR Characters Menu. To use this menu, first select a character. If you leave this menu now and go into MR, this is the character that you will go in as. If, on the other hand, you select 'Create Character Using CRT Generator', you will then go into the MR Character Generator and create the character you have selected.

Unlike many fantasy role playing games, the Mystic Realms Character Generator does not use a 'roller' that generates random numbers for a character's stats. Instead, players select a race and gender and are then given 'build points' which they then use to 'build' their character as detailed below.

The selection of race and sex gives pluses and minus to character stats as shown in the character generator. Players are then given 18 build points which they use to increase the character stats of their choice. To increase a stat one above its starting point costs 1 build point, to increase it a second time costs 2 build points, to increase it a third time costs 4 build points, a fourth time costs 8, and a 5th time costs 16. Additional build points may be obtained by lowering character stats below their original starting point, but only 1 build point per decrease is obtained in this way. 18 is the maximum value for stats of a starting character, while 10 is the minimum. Once the player has finished raising and lowering stats, selection of the character's name completes the character generation.

Unlike an optimized character, custom characters are not dedicated - you must go to the appropriate trainer yourself and enter <trainer name>, DEDICATE. The advantage to dedicating to a particular class is that the cost of training for the skills that that trainer teaches, is significantly reduced. Thus, it is wise to decide upon a class and dedicate to it before training in any skills. You must have the character stats required (if any) for that class to be able to dedicate.

To build an effective character, you should understand that the game is designed so that ALL stats are important to ALL character classes. As such, it is very dangerous to decrease any stat to a very low value. On the other hand, for each class certain stats are more important than others, and in some cases 18s are needed in one stat or another for an effective character of a given class.

Although it might turn out that a particular race/sex combination if optimal for a given class, 'variety is the spice of life', and as such it is our recommendation to players that they not be afraid to select a race/sex combination that is not necessarily the best combination for a given class if that is what they want to do. On the other hand, if an 18 in a given stat is required for a particular class and a player selects a race/sex combination that starts with a minus in that stat, the cost in build points to raise that stat to an 18 will be so high that it will make playing that character difficult at best (but, no doubt you will have a unique character there).

Lastly, although starting characters are assumed to have not yet ever killed a hostile creature, they are assumed to have some experience and training, particularly in the endurance area. As such, all starting characters start at Character Level 1, with 100 experience and 100 training points, and the equivalent of five levels of endurance stats (Stamina, Karma and Mana). Also, the 'Powers that Be' have deposited coins in their bank account sufficient enough to purchase starting equipment.

Some classes, as described in the sections for each class, allow specialization in particular disciplines or skills within that class, and this brings a further reduction in cost for training in those skills. To specialize in a particular discipline or skill (assuming your class offers this) find the trainer for your class and enter <trainer name>, SPECIALIZE <discipline or skill name>.

Finally, some classes allow 'dedication' to a particular weapon type. To dedicate to a given weapon type enter <trainer name>, DEDICATE while holding the weapon in your primary hand. Dedication to a given weapon type does not decrease training costs, but instead gives a bonus for using a weapon of that type in combat, with the bonus given being equal to the level that you are dedicated to (e.g. if you are dedicated twice to Longsword and are using a Longsword in combat, you get a +2 for all attacks and weapon blocks).

The available optimized characters follow with one section per class group, and a short discussion of each class. Female characters are indicated with an (f). All others are male. 'Nobleman' and 'Lady' are the two sexes for the 'Nobility' race.

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